Inbound Marketing: The Key to Increase Business in 2016

Posted by Brenda Zurita on Jan 8, 2016 5:00:00 PM

This week, e-webstrategy studied this question concerning Biblical community:

How do I develop a healthy relationship with others?

In the same way, this question is important to consider as you endeavor to increase business in 2016.

Biblical community is founded on Acts 2:44-47. In this passage, the people were sharing what they had with each other. God's purpose in this was for the people to build community by formulating relationships and increasing in number.

As business owners, the end-goal is also to build effective relationships with our customers and increase business.

How do we get there? The key is inbound marketing.

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Share Your Business Challenges

Posted by Brenda Zurita on Mar 9, 2015 12:13:45 PM

Confess Your Sins

Yup!! You heard me right. My mother raised me to believe that I must confess my sins. The only way to keep good relationships and continue to develop was and is hinged on confessing my sins, frailties, weaknesses, and hiccups.

She always taught me that when I confessed my sins, it not only teaches me something but it teaches others something.

Well, this concept is also true in the marketplace and can also help you increase online business. Tell people about your challenges and what you're doing to overcome them. Some will be turned away, but those who value truth will come.

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Share the Best of You in the Marketplace

Posted by Brenda Zurita on Feb 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

If your mother was anything like my mother, she would have told you to share the part of yourself that you would want for yourself.

To be honest, we're all a little selfish. We all want the best for ourselves. But it's the best of ourselves that's actually the easiest and most enjoyable for us to share in the marketplace.

Plus, we all want the best and expect the best from others in the marketplace especially if we're making an investment.

So why share anything less than the best of ourselves?

You are valuable. Every experience whether bad or good has contributed to who you are today. It's made you who you are, and that means you have value that no one else has.

Sharing your expertise and value doesn't have to be difficult.

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