Branding Your Startup: Buyer Personas

Posted by Duke Jonietz on Jun 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

So you have completed the tasks needed on the first four pillars of branding (or are still working on them). You are beginning to see how the pillars are building the brand you desire. Your passion is growing and you are almost ready to launch your business. You are now ready for the final pillar: Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are best described as your ideal customer. Defining these is an important task. It enables you to target the customers that will take you and your company the furthest the fastest.

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4 Fantastic Sites to Help You Promote Your Startup Brand

Posted by Rodrigo Zurita on May 30, 2016 7:54:43 PM

We’ve talked about the importance of storytelling, but how can you refine your stories and where can you promote them?

As the web grows and more content is produced, the networks people use to share content and communicate grow as well. It’s important to keep up with the trends and make sure you aren’t missing a potential outlet for your potential customers. 

We’re big on blogging and social media, but just because you’ve published a blog a few months ago on your website doesn’t mean that has to be the end of it. There are many additional platforms to share your content and tell your brand’s story. There are also great tools available to help refine your messaging. Below are a few great sites that can help spice up your Inbound Marketing campaign.

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Your Brand VS Social Media: Twitter.

Posted by Pablo Rebolledo on May 26, 2016 9:10:06 PM


You don’t have to feel lost in the void of social media marketing.

At the top of the Inbound Marketing funnel is the word “Attract”. To attract your ideal customers, a brand needs to provide good and relevant contentthis content is often delivered through blogs, website pages and emails. There’s another place to share content though, but many brands have trouble breaking into the fray. Social media. 

The mystery of social media comes from a brand’s first entry onto a platform. Twitter is notorious for scaring off new users, due to a high entry level. The signal to noise ratio can be overwhelming for startup brands and businesses, and it can be discouraging when trying to find followers. 

By following the principles of Inbound Marketing, you never have to worry about being invisible on Twitter.


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Branding Your Startup: Why You Exist

Posted by Duke Jonietz on May 24, 2016 4:46:16 PM

Purpose. A short word with a big meaning. Purpose should drive everything you do. Without purpose there is no meaning and no direction. You are on a mission. You started your business for a variety of reasons... you found a gap that needs to be filled... you grew tired of working for the man... you gained valuable experience and desire to put that experience to work... but. whatever the reason you must have a purpose. Branding your startup or business without asking this question will set you on a path towards chaos, failure and destruction. So, WHY DO YOU EXIST? 

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