Branding Your Startup: Vision

Posted by Duke Jonietz on May 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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Vision.. What can you see? How far out can you see? Most importantly, can you vividly describe what you see with great detail? A wise man once said, " where there is no vision, the people perish".  Branding your startup or business requires big time vision. The fourth pillar of branding your startup is VISION. We have discussed the five pillars of branding. We looked at pillar one-beliefs, pillar two- values and pillar three- mission. All are important, but, pillar four provides the motivation needed to fight the battle and win day in and day out. A clear vision unifies your staff, establishes and strengthens your culture, and directs your team arm in arm towards your success.

branding-dream_big.jpgDEFINITION OF VISION

Lets take a look at the definition of vision. 

VISION: An experience in which a person, thing or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind (sometimes divinely), although not actually present, and can be described in detail.

Beliefs shape the core of your startup or business, values help drive action, mission acts as the foundation and provides direction and focus... VISION paints a picture of your desired outcome as you succeed at your mission. 


This may require you to go somewhere quiet, peaceful and away from the hectic pace. Take a pen and paper, turn off your phone, and ask yourself this question... : what will it look like when we succeed at our mission"? Don't think in words, think in pictures, as if it were the end of the movie. Write the vision down using descriptive words. In communicating vision, you want your staff, customers and even your vendors to see what you see. Ask yourself this question... imagine a day when... and then fill in the blank. There are typically two ways to view this narrative.Select one of these two and then dream, imagine and write. 

  • What does my company look like
  • How will the world change

 Here are some questions viewing this from your company perspective:

  • How big is your company?
  • How many people are buying from you?
  • Where is it located?
  • How many products and services do you have? Is your company local, national or worldwide? 
  • How do you stack up versus your competition?

Here are some questions seeing the future regarding what difference you will make:

  • How are people better off because of our company?
  • How are we impacting lives?
  • How many people will we impact?
  • How has the world changed because we were successful?


Branding: Vision is Unique

Your mission is static and should never change, However, vision can be as unique as the person describing it. Encourage your staff to take the time to do the same exercise. You may be surprised to see their vision matches your vision in many ways. If it would be beneficial, compare your pictures and agree on a final vision that excites, motivates and make you want to work everyday.


branding-people_are_alive.jpgBe sure to write the vision down and repeat it often. If people perish with a lack of vision then imagine the opposite when the vision is clear.. Your team will passionately desire to work together towards a vision. Customers will desire to purchase your products and services because they too can see the picture you have drawn for them. I will attempt to be wise and close with this statement... People thrive and are most alive when the vision is clear!



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