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Posted by Duke Jonietz on Apr 26, 2016 1:04:07 PM
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branding.jpegWho are you really? In my first blog post on branding your startup, I presented an overview of why branding your startup is important and several important factors for you to consider as you move forward.

Let's discuss the first of the five pillars: BELIEF.

At the heart of "who are you" is what you believe.


Stop for just a moment. Turn off your computer and your phone. Take out a piece of paper so that you can brainstorm: what do I believe?

Don't over think it. Write down whatever comes to mind. 

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • People are complex.
  • Emotions are important to me (or not important).
  • The world moves at a fast pace.
  • I am passionate about serving others.
  • My employees are or will be the foundation of my success.
  • Profit is important to me.
  • I am a hard worker.

After completing this exercise, go back through your notes and circle what you feel like are the top 10-15 beliefs that would apply to your startup. 

Branding is Shaped by Your Beliefs

branding_relationships_matter.jpegWhat you believe on a personal level will fuel your business values. purpose and desired future.

For instance, one of my beliefs is that nothing happens by accident. Every relationship is intentional and has meaning. There are no coincidences. This is that important to me.

I attempt to search for  meaning in relationships by asking, "Why was this person brought into my life and what is my role within this relationship"?

This tells me that I am relationship based. 

As a relationship-based individual, my business logo would include people. My beliefs would also affect who I hire and why. It would affect my value proposition. And it most definitely will affect who my target customer or buyer persona is.

This is your first step in developing your brand because what you believe will have a profound affect on what you become.

Learn more about branding your startup in this free guide to branding a startup.

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