4 Fantastic Sites to Help You Promote Your Startup Brand

Posted by Rodrigo Zurita on May 30, 2016 7:54:43 PM
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We’ve talked about the importance of storytelling, but how can you refine your stories and where can you promote them?

As the web grows and more content is produced, the networks people use to share content and communicate grow as well. It’s important to keep up with the trends and make sure you aren’t missing a potential outlet for your potential customers. 

We’re big on blogging and social media, but just because you’ve published a blog a few months ago on your website doesn’t mean that has to be the end of it. There are many additional platforms to share your content and tell your brand’s story. There are also great tools available to help refine your messaging. Below are a few great sites that can help spice up your Inbound Marketing campaign.

1. Think like a publication.




Medium was founded in 2012 by Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams. The platform was created with reading in mind, and offers users an ad-free environment to share stories and read stories from others. Many brands, such as Slack, have found success using Medium as the ‘front page’ of their online publication. By sharing interesting content, brands can drive traffic back to their home site. Medium is a great place to repurpose old content and share new content alike.




Flipboard is an online magazine rack, that anyone can contribute to. The front page is customizable to the users interests. The unique part about Flipboard is the ability for anyone or any brand to create a “magazine”. Magazines on Flipboard function as a splash page for outbound links. These splash pages are visually dynamic and allow for great readability of headlines across all devices. At its core, Flipboard is a user curated aggregate and with proper tagging and frequent updates, your brand’s magazine can provide a good return on traffic to your homepage. To add features to your brand’s magazine, you use a browser extension like Pinterest or StumbleUpon.


2. Think Like an Editor


Hemingway App


Sometimes we have a lot to say, but can say it in a lot less words! Hemingway has a unique algorithm within its editor that can help make your content easier to read. While it can’t account for writing style, it can give content creators a heads-up to confusing sentences and common grammar errors. Plus it’s a web app, so you can use it from any browser, even your mobile device!




Grammarly is another editing tool that you can install as a Google Chrome extension. It offers deeper editing functionality than Hemingway and its explanation feature helps you learn from your mistakes. By signing up for an account, you can store your dictionary, preferences and more across your devices.


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